Cobra Bitcoin philosophy

Unique profit project

The objective of Cobra Bitcoin is to create a project based in true and sustainable mutual aid. Through the plans Cobra, which are different and independant of each other, we start a solidary system completely equitable.

Cobra Bitcoin is not gambling

This project is not gambling, is not a lottery or a primitive. With lotteries you buy tickets, bets over and over and spends a lot of money, but your life dioes not change. Of all that invested money, a percentage goes to the government and the rest, after some deductios, is set in a lottery in which millions of persons have participated and only a very small minority will collect something. We know that the possibilities to win are very reduced.

Inspite of this, we continue spending over and over and we see this normal. Is the biggest trick legalized by governments.

Change your way of thinking and particpate in this project. Here you will always win, with the sageness and participation of all. This is what we call true mutual help. Stand next to the illusions that come true.

Cobra Bitcoin is not gambling

Cobra Bitcoin against fraud

The possibility of fraud does not exist in Cobra Bitcoin. We do not want affiliates abuses neither manipulations. We have seen projects with simmilar ideas that have failed because of internal and external exploitation. This happens because those systems give a possibility of fraud. Cobra Bitcoin not.

Thanks to the linear system of Cobra Bitcoin plans and to the impossibility to purchase more than one plan of the same type at the same time, avoid that a few can privilege from the share of many. Cobra Bitcoin system is totally equitable.

Object of the project

  • Socio economic project
  • To erradicate the precariousness
  • Improve life quality
  • Improve personal economy
  • Mutual aid system
  • Solidarity
  • Globality
  • With your registrer you are helping others and yourself
  • Project based in people participation
  • Create a big community of true and sustainable aids
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