How does it work

How do we participate in the development of this community?

When you buy a plan and from the moment of your registration, you are already generating profits to the system and yourself. The plans have 2 direct donations that are automatically completed since the moment you activate them. When you complete the plan, you receive a profit and an automatic repurchase of the same plan is made.

In your user area no balance is accumulated, all resources are external.

Cobra Bitcoin concept

Each Cobra Bitcoin plan is completely independant in registers, deposits, payments, etc. Each plan is linked to the flow of direct unidirectional income of the system.

Each plan will receive directlly and automatically its payment.

How does the solidary socioeconomic system operates

Operation of each plan

When you enter into the system, after paying your initial plan (Cobra 50 Plan), the rest of plans are unlocked and you can contract those you want.

When a plan is activated, automatically you stay waiting to complete the distribution points. The points are completed one after the other and once the 2 are completed, it is collected, the plan is closed and automatically a new plan in the same amount is repurchased without bringing new spending.

You can only have active a plan of each type at the same time.

Advantages of Cobra Bitcoin system

  • Universal plan
  • Direct benefits
  • Automated system
  • Practice P2P, suisitanable system
  • Registers by entry order
  • Vital and sustainable feedback
  • Unique system
  • A large internatinal structure at the service of everybody
  • We all benefit from the global system
  • No spilling
  • No ramifications
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